Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Post

This is my first try, tried posting my run directly from runkeeper below, not sure if its gonna work out that well. This morning's run was short just 2.68 miles with a 8:36 min/mile pace. Legs felt tired and achy.

Training for the ING Half Marathon in Miami, farthest run recently has been a 5 miler this past Sunday, felt really good and my pace was an 8:22 min/mile.

My hands and wrists didn't hurt at all last week (this is most of my RA pain) and thought maybe the Methotrexate was finally working. Then Sunday, I started to feel a wave of pain coming, not anything terrible, but I could tell the pain was coming back. Then yesterday at work, massive amount of pain which made typing difficult. I also took my Methotrexate yesterday morning (I take it Mon morning instead of Sun evening because the stomach aches are unpredictable and don't go away by sleeping it off). Woke up with pain this morning on the top of my forearm, which is a new area for me.

Also, with the help of my wonderful cook of a girlfriend, am beginning to try an Anti-Inflammatory diet, so well see how that goes, but nevertheless the food tastes good.

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