Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mid-Day Post

Trying a mid-day post this time. In an effort to figure out when is the best to post something, I'm gonna try it at all different times this week. Not sure if its best to do in the morning after my work out, during the day at random time, or at night after my day is finished.

Yesterday felt pretty energized after the run all day. Had tomato at lunch, which according to things I've read is not what I'm supposed to have, but my hands were already hurting and they didn't get much worse after that. Had no more pain in the forearm yesterday which is good, maybe it was just a one time thing (here's hoping). Was dead tired by the time I got home last night but had an amazing "anti-inflammatory" dinner cooked by the GF. Spinach salad, raw onion, cooked carrots, a really light vinaigrette, and seared tuna.

This morning I did not work out, for several reasons. Trying to avoid running consecutive days, did it last week and my legs have felt super tired ever since, LA Fitness WAS super far away, but they just recently bought ballys which is right next to the apartment, and apparently I can start there on Thursday. Still not sure how weight lifting is affecting the RA, I have yet to be able to see a trend between RA pain and lifting. The only thing I've noticed is I have a somewhat harder time gripping the weights, but that I feel better WHILE lifting, but not so much afterward.

Fatigue is setting in today so we'll see how the rest of the day goes.

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