Thursday, December 1, 2011

First of December

Another mid-day post, lets see if this end up being what I like the most.

My run this morning was fine, actually very cold for Miami (52 DEGREES!). 2.68 miles at a 7:54 min/mile pace. Woke up a little tired as I had trouble falling asleep last night.

Yesterday my hands hurt like hell towards the end of the day. Why? well for one I type and write all day. The office also ordered in pizza, and I refuse to turn down free food until a couple more paychecks come in, so maybe that affected the pain? In any event, hands and wrists were killing me, which made the drive home in my stick-shift jeep in traffic all the fun.

Pain I've noticed at work, man it hurts when I hit the keys when typing. The movement from key to key, while feeling restricted and sort of forceful, doesn't hurt, its the physical act of striking the key. Same thing when I was on my nook last night, Im constantly trying to find the lightest touch possible to turn the page, because the act of hitting the screen hurts and I know the pain is coming. Also, this iMac at work has a cool feature on the mouse where if you swipe on the top of the mouse it can go back and forward web pages. Small problem, its insanely difficult for me, almost to the point where its not even worth a try.

The second dinner on our "RA and anti-inflammatory" diet was great last night, some veggie whole wheat pasta with a blended spinach and mixed vegetable pesto on top. So good I'm having more for lunch today.

I would like to know if anyone experiences vision problems with RA, just a thought. Hopefully sometime this week I'll garner up the marbles to tweet out this blog. Time for lunch and more typing.

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