Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Morning

Have yet to come up with a clever title for posts unfortunately. 

RA was kicking in big time yesterday, especially after getting home from work when it felt like my fingers were going to burst. Been noticing that my elbows, wrists, have been popping and cracking a lot more when I get up to do things, not sure if that has anything to do with the RA. 

Continuing on the anti-inflammation diet, had a really good dinner cooked for me last night, Baked salmon with like a blended spinach and spices sauce on top and some cauliflower with garlic on the side. 

Weightlifted this morning, usually my hands and wrists and elbows feel better during lifting, but that was not the case today. Two new areas of pain emerged while lifting, one being the area between my left thumb and left index finger, like the area where there is no bone, weird spot. The other was on the underside of my wrist, which hurts now because I am typing (as it always does when I'm typing) but never did while working out, so that is some new pain. 

Was brainstorming what it is that I'm trying to get out of this blog, if anything. Then it kind of dawned on me, I have RA while also being a runner, writer, someone who enjoys weightlifting, likes video games,  things that don't seem to mesh very well. So maybe the point of it is, I have RA but screw it (I prefer the much more effective F word), I'm gonna keep doing this stuff until my body simply won't allow me to do it anymore. The pain isn't in my legs yet, but I'm sure it is to come, and working a lot and running a lot do nothing to help my fatigue. Writing and sitting at a computer desk all day punching away at keys literally makes me want to shout in pain sometimes, but screw it. 

So maybe someone will be reading this who got RA as early as I did (24, and I know there are some who are much younger) who is active and doesn't wanna give up the things that they do, and they'll say "hey, theres someone else who has the same idea as me." Or maybe no one will read it haha, but I guess it's worth a shot.

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