Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday 5 Miler

Did a 5 mile run this morning, my last 5 mile run before I bump it up to 7 next weekend. My hip hurt for most of the run. Felt good and pretty fast thru it though. Ended up with a 8:21 min/mile pace, which was one second per mile than last weekends 5 miler. Very sore from yesterday's weightlifting session.

As soon as I finished my run, huge pain throughout my arms and wrists, so it was a nice quick reminder that RA is still in my hands and arms even though I had been using my legs for the past 42 minutes. Not sure why the pain came so suddenly after running, maybe my adrenaline is up so high that the pain in my hands goes away while I'm running and then comes throbbing back once I stop? Maybe I'm holding my hands in a weird position while I run? or clenching them too hard? Not sure.

Yesterday, continued on the RA diet EXCEPT for dinner. Had a nice steak burrito for dinner. Going to attempt to tweet this blog later in hopes that anyone who reads it doesn't think it's garbage. Time for a big breakfast and the Sunday paper.

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