Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wall Still Standing

So after Methotrexate monday morning its been a slow steady downturn for the week.

Wednesday morning went to the gym, but lower body was still so sore. Ended up just stretching for about 35 minutes, with some deep deep stretching. The half marathon isn't until late January so a few days of righting my body is fine at this stage.

I am extremely grateful for all the responses I got after my body kinda did a 180 on me these past couple days. I am going to take all the tips I got to heart, and definitely gonna try some yoga this weekend. It's been three/four weeks of solid training so I guess I was bound for a setback at some point.

To compound things, yesterday about mid-afternoon I started developing a killer migraine, one that has continued all the way thru today and still here tonight at 9:22 p.m. I have no idea if migraines or headaches and RA are linked or not, but I do know that when I attempted to get up this morning to run it knocked me flat back on my butt and into bed. Any ideas if RA and headaches can be linked? maybe it's the metho.

Scheduled for a doctors appointment this week, but with the new job, I've had to put all Dr.'s appointments off till the end of the month. Methotrexate hasn't really done anything for pain and does give me some crazy stomach aches, so I'm anxious to see where my Rheum takes me next.

I have continued on the anti-inflammation diet with the great help of my girlfriend cooking everything for me. Taking a real liking to everything too.

The attempt is to do a short run tomorrow to get my legs back working for my long run Sunday, and some yoga on Saturday. Been an interesting first experience in training where I just suddenly hit a wall and was knocked out for a couple days exercise wise. This little episode also left me extremely exhausted at work.

Speaking of work, I really think they should make some sort of Rheumatoid Arthritis friendly pens, pencils, and highlighters because some of us still have to write. Curving these worsening fingers around small pens, highlighters, and pencils and attempting to maneuver them in a controlled fashion can be one hell of a task.

Thank you again to anyone who reads this, really brightens my day when I see people comment or retweet it.

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  1. There may be more lurkers who read this that you could even think of. This blog is really interesting, keep it up with it !!!