Monday, March 26, 2012

Under Attack Since the Half - Still Ran

It's been what? three weeks since my run, and thus three weeks since I posted about the half marathon. Those three weeks I have been under quite the RA attack. Feet, hands, fatigue, everything. I have no earthly idea if a half marathon induced this sort of pain or what.

This is my fifth week on Enbrel, and the pain is only getting worse and it's seeming to spread. Got a new RA related pain in my achilles/ankle area and the very top of the foot, to go along with the continuing and worsening pain in my feet, toes, hands, and wrists.

Besides that pain, I thought it a good idea to run in a 5 mile race this past Saturday (insert some groaning). Finished fourth in my age group and ran at about a 7:30 min/mile pace.

It's becoming increasingly hard for me to maintain a grasp on physical objects, most notably the newspaper. I have started taking the bus (for a multitude of reasons including gas prices and the fact that my feet and hands don't appreciate maneuvering a stick shift jeep wrangler in and out of traffic for up to two hours a day) and its becoming hard to hold on to the newspaper, as my fingers shake and I begin to lose feeling in them and the paper suddenly falls out. Also my hands continue to get colder while indoors, especially at work where I'm supposed to be typing all day (that is becoming another issue).

The frustrating part lies in a couple things, one: I've found no pattern whatsoever to the pain, food wise, exercise wise, sleep wise, nothing; two: its spreading and getting worse. I know Enbrel is supposed to take a while for it to really go into effect, but what constitutes "a while?"

I really am motivated, from a competitive standpoint, to continue running and train for another half marathon, or a triathlon, but the RA keeps putting those ambitions in check the past couple weeks. If anyone has any recollections as to how long it took there Enbrel (or whatever else was prescribed) to kick in, it would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Enbrel was the second biologic I was on (after Humira), it never got me to how I was before PSA and only limited my flares. It took about 6-8 weeks before I saw any difference and after 6 months it stopped working too. I'm now on Remicade and that is failing to work as well - sigh.... I thought once I was on these drugs I would magically be back to pre diagnosis, unfortunately not in my case. But there are thousands of others who've had wonderful success with them. I wish you all the best Kyle. I hope it works for you!

  2. If you don't mind me asking, what's next in the line of treatment after Remicade?

  3. Enbrel 4 months and counting (my second biologic med) and it to is not working for me.
    I to was under the illusion that these medications would take me right back to where I was before being diagnosed. Now 2+ years later still waiting for the "right" drug for me.

    Yes everytime I get myself back in shape I flare it's seems to be an endless cycle.

    But they keep assuring me not to loss hope the "right" for me is out there.And I will be back playing soccer.

    Finger crossed best of luck to you all

  4. Have you tried playing with your diet? Allergies and food intolerance are common in people with RA. It might be good to go on a detox of dairy, wheat, sugar, etc. Then slowly add these things back into your diet slowly and watching for changes. I also have RA and find that gluten is problematic for me.

  5. Hi my name is Cecele Marie. A couple of weeks ago I started a Google Blog called RA RA Runners. I just found your blog and I want to apologize that the name of my blog is so close to yours. I was amazed that we are both writing about the same thing... to continue are love for running despite being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I can't wait to read your posts. I see you haven't written since last year... just hope your are ok. Would love to become a follower of your post but I don't see a "subscribe" button. Hope you blog soon. :)

    1. just figured out how to follow your blog :)

  6. RA runner! Come back for us newly diagnosed! Did you stop? I just got diagnosed, but my foot pain caused me to stop running almost a year ago. Before that I was doing 5-6 half marathons a year. I want to know how you fared since I just started treatment (methotrexate) and was hoping it would allow me to get back out there and accomplish my sub 1:45.

  7. Hi, I got my diagnosis for RA when I was about 14 yo. Now I'm 37, once and a while the plain is flared up but most of the time its not. I got rheumy eye though.

    There were 4 times, the flare is so bad that I couldn't get up from bed by myself. Most of the time I got shot (cortisol I think) and get voltaren for prescription.

    I love sport (competitive one) but I don't do sport. But lately I want to do sport. I felt that I miss a lot in my youth due to my RA, that's how I found your blog.