Friday, January 6, 2012

End of the Week 1-6-12

So my week started off with a run on monday and then some pain on Tuesday. The peak of the pain hit Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday night the pain in my feet hurt so much I nearly pulled over on my way home from work. Then, at about 1:30 a.m. the pain woke me up and kept me up for the next 2 to 3 hours. A pain that made me want to yell and smash my arches with a hammer.

Last night's was a little different, it was painful and then thru the first hour of me trying to go to sleep it was more of a "tingle" then anything, like a bunch of little needles were hitting me, almost like my feet were asleep.

I had tweeted out that my hands at one point were two distinctly different temperatures, with one extremely freezing even to touch, and the other perfectly normal. Then when the freezing went away, some color rushed back into the hand and it felt like a little bit of a blood rush and warm. Very strange. @tlmpsy suggested it might be Reynaud's, which I've looked into a little bit and suppose I should bring up to my rheum next time.

Been nauseous and on the verge of throwing up all week, and it hasn't really subsided. Pain in the hands still there to its usual tremendous effect as well as the fatigue.

Running has not happened since monday despite my best intentions, I hope to go for a longer run on Saturday, despite some (maybe wisely) suggesting I don't run. But I'm still sticking with route #2 for the time being, and may end up regretting it, but that's the point of the blog so we will see. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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