Monday, January 9, 2012

Post 8-miler 1/9/12

Yesterday I did an 8 mile run. Felt fine up until about the 5.5 mile mark where I started to feel joint pain in my toes that continued basically till the run was over. With the half-marathon less than three weeks away, the run was necessary if I was going to run in the ING Half. The pace was really, really slow but I did that on purpose with hopes it wouldn't put as much pressure on my joints.

After the run, shortly afterward, I felt fine actually with no noticeable "RAD" pain anywhere. Then at about 630, I felt the joint pain onslaught come on. It goes straight from my arches out thru my toes. It's a pain I've been trying to figure out how to accurately describe but have yet to do so. It almost feels like theres a little keyhole inside my arch, and someone is twisting it to expand my feet out thru my skin, very strange. The pain prevented me from going to sleep exactly when I wanted to.

Today, insanely exhausted, surely from a combination of not as much sleep as usual and the RAD. The feet hurt just as much as yesterday, but what is weird is how much more my hands hurt today. Maybe all the inflammation from running not only affects my feet but my hands as well, because they are in full throttle mode today.

Tomorrow will be a gym day and then a 4 mile run on Wednesday as the race gets closer.

No Enbrel shot this weekend as my insurance has yet to approve of the Enbrel.

P.S.: Using the term "RAD" instead of RA to show support of those who are rightly seeking to change the name of the disease.

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  1. Hey bud, how are you doing? Any updates on your half-marathon training?