Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Half

As a result of the pain that won't go away, the Enbrel that has yet to come, the fatigue I feel, and the expected effect the half will have on my body, and the combination of the above and their effect on my training, I am not running the half marathon. These things happen I suppose. Thanks to anyone who commented.


  1. Time to set another goals I guess. Don't be pessimistic, better times will come, that's for sure buddy.

    As I wrote in other of your posts, maybe it's time to consider another low impact kind of exercise, like cycling or swimming. This doesn't mean that you've to give up running. No way!

    But, if this is not the best time, don't push yourself, be kinder with your body.

    Cheers bud, and,please, don't stop blogging :)

    We do want to keep hearing for you!!!

  2. I really relate to this post! I too have RA and am signed up for my very first Half-Marathon (did a 10-miler 2 years ago). My doctor said NO NO NO no no no no.. but my mind says YES YES YES yes yes yes yes. I have missed my fair share of races, and I am excited to start following your blog and journey as I keep trekking through mine.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring.