Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Running Hangover

While most people yesterday were nursing a "Super Bowl Hangover," I was under the duress of what I liked to call "The Running Induced RAD Hangover." On Sunday, I did a 6 miler along the bay in Tampa (which was a beautiful run, and one I would love to do consistently). The run was fine until about the 4.5 mile region, which is where it seems the pain starts on almost all long runs. Why this is, I am not sure. Maybe its when I'm finally getting a little fatigued and my running form changes, or its when the inflammation begins to settle into my body causing the joints to be attacked. As I stumbled through the final mile and a half, pain was screaming out thru my toes.

I did feel fine until about 6 p.m., when the pain started. Where did the pain start? not in my feet, but in my hands. Sharp stabbing pain from the knuckles out thru the fingers. And the fatigue, oh the fatigue. The next morning, the hangover really caught in. On the drive back from Tampa to Miami, my feet were hurting so much that I became a master at the art of cruise control and couldn't even put on my shoes to go to work until I was sitting right outside the office. The pain continues today, as I took a much needed rest day yesterday. The pain is everywhere, hands, writs, toes, arches. It's like the 6 miler sent a message to the Rhuem, saying "ATTACK!" and 5 hours later it was on, and still is. I hope to be able to get a lifting session in this evening, and a spin class in tomorrow.

The RAD hangovers are sure to keep coming if I really wanna do this half, with an 8 miler coming this weekend, a 10 miler the next weekend, and the half after that. If I can make it there, I'll be sure to party enough to where I get the other type of hangover.

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  1. I used to run marathon distances daily in high school. I love every minute of it. Since I was diagnosed at age 6 with RAD, that was the most active I've ever been. Whenever docs ask me what my goals are, running is the most common answer. Now I can barely do a mile - mixed with walking - before feeling like death.

    I really admire you for pushing through the pain. Don't let this RAD get you!