Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning 9-Miler

So the "Running/RA Hangover" lasted all week from last Sunday's 6 mile adventure, including yesterdays weird tingling sensation I had in my feet for a good while. Nevertheless, I strapped on the shoes this morning and headed out for an 8 mile run. To say that my pace was slow to begin with would be an understatement. Before the RA made its way to my feet some months ago, I would run about an 8 minute per mile pace. Thru the first 4 or so miles today, 10 minutes a mile, yikes.

After that time my pace picked up to about a 9 minute mile pace, not sure why, and it eventually sunk back down to the 10 minute mark.

The RA pain kicked in at around mile marker 4.72, which is right around where it was last time, and where it has been every single time I've ran long distance. There has to be something to this, whether its my body triggering it or my form getting thrown off, something has to be happening.

I can continue to run with the pain, my concern is this: When I get the RA pain at mile 4.72, and I'm running 6 or 8 miles, I can convince myself to power thru it, or forget about it, because I'm over halfway done. What happens if I'm at mile 4.5 and the pain hits me, and I realize I have to run about 3x what I just did. We shall see. Maybe a new goal is to try and delay the RA pain till mile 6 or 7, and do that by figuring out whats triggering it.

So I took a wrong turn at one point and ended up a little farther away then I had anticipated, so I sucked it up and made it a 9 mile run. In hindsight, 8 would have been just fine, because as soon as I hit 8, my body basically shut down and I shuffled my way thru the last mile or so. Feet aching, hips aching, I'm sure it wasn't a pretty sight to the people driving by.

Now we await the RA hangover, and we'll see where this takes me. During the week this week I didn't do much but lift and play kickball and dodgeball, running seemed out of the question as did that spin class I keep telling myself I want to go to.

So 6 last week, 9 this week, hopefully 11 next weekend, and then the Half the following weekend. Thanks for reading!


  1. That's so interesting. My left knee is my worst joint, and I get tingles too when I run. I wonder if that medically has been explored. Wouldn't it be interesting if the tingling had to do with a release of body chemicals inducing swelling?

  2. It would, and I think it'd be something to look into. I wonder if there's a certain threshold u crossover when the body is all ramped up from running (or any other physical activity).